\"Age is only a number! \", that\'s what magazines, blogs, coaches tell you... But how do you do it when you feel the first signs of aging, the body getting tired, the first wrinkles settling in......?  In the imagination of most Parisian women, aging well is a difficult challenge to meet. Physical state is more important than mental or moral state when they think about ageing.

For 77% of French people, \"bien vieillillir\" is considered as a marketing term because in reality, we age as best we can. Nevertheless, for 50% ageing well means being healthy, for 44% it means cultivating a certain state of mind, for 28% enjoying life and the present moment and for 31% being active (activities, travel, sport...). Finally, for 25% of them, it is above all about having a social life and being surrounded. 

Okay, it\'s clear, aging well means above all aging in good health, so medical checks and follow-ups, etc. And then... for the majority of Parisian women interviewed, aging well means knowing how to enjoy the present moment, being happy and fulfilled and anticipating. And take care of your diet, sleep, exercise, be active...


Food is our first drug. It is therefore important to adapt what we eat and drink to who we are, to our constitution but also to the season, climate, time of day... \"7100-nathalie

Our lifestyle and our diet are very often a source of imbalance and acidity and even oxidation of our body. Let us limit the consumption of refined products, ready-to-eat meals and reconnect with simpler, more natural food. Let\'s try to focus on cereals such as rice (rather than foods that have been processed such as pasta or bread), vegetables and fruit (rather than frozen or canned foods). It is up to us to select the foods you choose carefully to give your body the least reason to age prematurely.

For information... White wine is much more acidifying than red wine, cheese is also acidifying, exciting products like coffee, tea (even green), also...

The Mediterranean diet, where fresh food is selected, olive oil is used daily, vegetables are cooked, is often rightly cited as an example.


The best anti-aging care is certainly the attention you will pay to yourself. Every day, whether it\'s morning or evening, give yourself some time in your bathroom. The first step in restoring a radiant face is probably the skin cleansing step. Masks to cleanse or regenerate the fragile skin of the face can eliminate excess sebum, small impurities or restore a \"pelle-biofotonica-gel-naturali-lampada-27060\"radiant complexion. 

Anyway, one golden rule: never go to bed with makeup! Make sure to remove make-up from the face with a milk and then with a lotion, and then moisturize the skin well (morning and evening). Self-massages on the face are very effective on a daily basis to restore elasticity, suppleness and radiance to your complexion. You can also use small soft plastic suction cups to smooth and drain and the face: on wrinkles, between the eyes and on the forehead, around the mouth, always pulling outwards and ideally to the back of the ears at the lymph nodes that will do the detox work. 

Finally, facial yoga is a daily practice to be discovered. Working the facial muscles remains the key to giving them the necessary tone and looking younger and more fulfilled. Smile and laughter are super botoxes that are natural and within everyone\'s reach.


With age, hair dries out, breaks, bleaches, grayscales, frizzles, falls out. So we must... treat them! To stimulate growth, limit fall, stop the production of dandruff, make it shiny and strong, feed it, moisturize it and cut it when necessary. A good remedy: a coconut oil bath, to be applied a few hours before washing them, or the whole night before shampooing. Finally, use natural products to wash them and wash them only once or twice a week to keep them healthy.


We are not meant to sit in front of our computer for 8 hours a day. So to get back to basics and make up for the lack of exercise that our lives impose on us, we have to move, prefer walking or pedalling rather than taking the subway, even if only for a few stations, and practice physical activity at least 2 to 3 hours a week. \"94a695c325fd69dd0ee9400aea80361c\"

Noted that outdoor walks allow us to reconnect with nature and breathe. 


Walks in the countryside, by the sea, in the mountains, allow you to escape and heal your mind. Contact with nature, whether through walks, outdoor sports, gardening are very beneficial to calm the mind. By removing sources of stress and allowing yourself these moments of rest, you are moving away from the causes of aging in your body.

Adding some meditative practices to our lives, on a daily basis, can only be beneficial... It may be following guided meditation sessions, practicing mindfulness, meditating alone or accompanying, but it may also and already take time for a pleasant hobby that will allow the mind to disconnect, such as taking a long bath, tinkering, gardening... 



Anyway, take care of yourself and listen to yourself! Connecting to your feelings and desires is one of the best ways to stay in shape as long as possible.


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Bonjour, my name is Cécile. I grew up in Provence between a grandmother creating perfumes and a naturopath mother. In this healthy and close upbringing, I learned how to listen to nature and discovered that our body is undoubtedly one of the greatest human resources. I’ve been a Parisian since I began my studies as a medical journalist. I discovered another world, fast and stressful but although exciting, where nature is too often absent. I started to divulge to my friends and readers, my secrets of youth or how to take charge of their health in order to get the most out of life. 

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