A cult brand in France, much-loved by green addicts worldwide, in the last twenty years Nuxe has been synonymous with nature and luxury. Aliza Jabès, the brand founder transformed the traditional laboratory in the heart of Paris into an eco-empire spread over 50 countries. Nuxe has its own story to tell. That of an aspiration, driven by intuition. A fundamental need nurtured and followed by its founder.  

28795469 592537761094575 5799449968481665024 nAliza Jabès developed Nuxe products and spas by believing in herself, letting her senses guide her and following her instinct. Nuxe stands out for its exceptional textures and unique scents that envelop the skin in an individual signature – a joy to use that never grows old. All Nuxe products are made in France at the fully renovated Nuxe factory. This means the company is an integral part of Cosmetic Valley which is home to some of the biggest names in French cosmetics. Nuxe is a brand that reconnects women with their inner nature so they can express their own beauty.

« Instinct is the new power. A strength that we all should listen to, celebrate and nurture. Instinct is where beauty comes from ». Aliza Jabès - Ceo and Founder of Nuxe Group

Nuxe's cult products such as Huile Prodigieuse®, Crème Fraîche® de beauté and Nuxellence® are all the result of this instinctive yet sensory approach to beauty and skincare. A liberating beauty, free from conformism and clichés.


Nuxe puts research and excellence above all.  

« We believe in awakening the senses whilst harnessing the full force of nature and the power of science. A subtle blend resulting in products that are an absolute joy to use. A sensory pleasure that draws on the gifts of Nature ».

Nuxe ventures deep into the heart of nature to extract plants that are rarely used in skincare, harvesting the most precious molecules for use in innovative formulas.




More than 25 years ago, Nuxe created Huile Prodigieuse. An exceptional dry oil that repairs, nourishes and beautifies skin and hair. French women embraced this oil from the beginning and it has remained the leading dry oil for all these years.


Eco-friendly jars

Reduce our impact on the environment by creating exclusive eco-friendly jars that each year save the equivalent of 41 years of the average French person's water consumption, spare 1,404 trees and prevent car emissions equivalent to 170 trips around the world.

Plant-based inks

Use plant-based inks and paper from sustainably managed forests for our packaging and brochures.

Recycling our waste

Reduce and manage our recycling depending on waste type.


Optimize biodegradability as much as possible by making the formulas of all our products 'rinse-off' and therefore easily biodegradable.


Work to protect the environment by investing in bee preservation and sponsoring pesticide-free hives in the Vosges region of France.



Nuxe sources the majority of its macadamia nuts from Guatemala where the supplier is committed to helping the local community, with a particular focus on projects that improve access to healthcare, education and drinking water. Macadamia oil is used in a number of products, including Huile Prodigieuse®.

Hyaluronic acid

Nuxe uses 100% natural hyaluronic acid. The waste generated during production passes through a water treatment plant before being spread locally. Hyaluronic acid is used in a number of Nuxe products including Nuxellence®.

Saffron and bougainvillea bi-floral cells

The cells come from a fully ecological production process that only requires a very small quantity of original plants, avoiding unnecessary picking. The cells are used in the Nuxuriance® Ultra range.

Daylily oleoactive

Nuxe uses an oleo eco-extraction process. The company doesn't use solvents or chemicals, which helps preserve the environment. The oleoactive are used in the Merveillance® expert range.

4b439e1e438ec77802b8a1dbae67346fNUXE COMMITMENTS TO WOMEN

Nuxe is committed to making all customers look and feel beautiful, and skillfully formulates its products to high standards. We do not use parabens, mineral oils, substances of animal origin(4) or plastic micro-beads(5) and we guarantee all our products are of high quality, made in France, not tested on animals and comply with the regulations in force.


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