Over 40 years old? Make-up secrets studied for Parisian woman.

From foundation to mascara here are some make-up secrets dedicated to the over 40'...... with a single attention: the illuminant. Important: it's not necessarily a question of looking younger, simply to make the most of the natural changes in our face.

Trucco 401.The preparatory part:

To do facial cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing / nourishing masks, serums and various creams (moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!) Dry skin, for example, if not moisturized, will make the makeup look dusty and dull making it look dull.

 2. Foundation:

Too much foundation creates a "mask" effect that is bad to see at any age.1447855548 cover-920x574

Choose a foundation with a light effect, sweat-resistant but not overly opaque. For color, go for the one that best matches your natural tone. 

The right foundation can really work wonders in making us look fresh and groomed: we choose lighter and more liquid formulas, or colored creams, BB or CC cream if we love soap and water looks.

 3. Attention to "dusty" effect:

A veil of powder is enough, even only in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) and should be applied with a light coat with a brush or comforter. For a more natural result and to remove the dusty effect, after the powder you can spray some thermal water on your face.

sfumatura-725x5454. Eyebrows:

They are the frame of the gaze and we are all obsessed with eyebrows, but even here let's take it easy and avoid excesses both in giving them shape and color.Eyebrows that are too thin age because they make the expression severe.Eyebrows that are too thick, dark and marked age because they harden the features and weigh down the face.We find a balance and choose an effect as natural as possible, both in shape and color.


5. Eyeshadows:

Also in this case pay attention to all finishes that are too bright sistemare-le-sopraccigliaand glittery because they show wrinkles. It is better to opt for more opaque or just satin eyeshadows, and maybe illuminate with a light point only the inner corner of the eye.

6. Mascara? Volumizing

It is a fact: the mascara helps to open the eye and give an instant lifting effect. Choose a volumizing quality, but watch out for excess. The effect should be make-up but not false eyelashes.



7. Lipstick:

Lip pencil is a great alternative. 

The important thing is to choose a pencil, maybe naked in very soft cream so that it doesn't dry your lips.


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