Staying “young” is the aim that most people want to achieve, and plastic surgery and invasive cosmetic techniques are the “remedies” used more and more often to contrast the ageing of our bodies. But are they really the only solution? Can we consider natural medicines and the holistic vision of the way we eat a more effective and healthy alternative? Dr Hervé Grosgogeat, the internationally acclaimed Parisian nutritionist answers these questions, offering us all the information we need to improve our diet and our lifestyle in order to prevent age-related disease, to obtain a more youthful face and body and a general condition of health and wellbeing…

Slowing down ageing, losing weight and keeping it off, fighting modern illnesses

antiage-p1Hervé Grosgogeat has conceived an anti-inflammatory nutritional programme. This new way of eating is based on the fight against the main accelerator of ageing, illness and weight gain: silent inflammation. More than a weight-loss diet, the aim is to feel and look younger, thanks to the benefits of anti-age nutrition and a programme to adopt as part of our lives. This is what he reveals in his book: Anti-Ageing Promise 

What is the philosophy of your anti-ageing promise?

“It rests on integrated medicine and its approach to illness, focused on the person, lifestyle and the environment. We are currently witnessing the fast growth of chronic illnessesantiage-p5 and problems linked to stress. These illnesses, called “civilisation” all have a direct link with diet and with silent inflammation. The origin of inflammatory illnesses is linked to our diet and to our lifestyle. As the causes are multi-factorial, integrated medicine is the best treatment for the inflammatory illnesses of civilisation. A completely natural approach to health-related prevention and anti-ageing”.

What are the benefits of this anti-ageing programme?

“It is ultra-preventative and it reduces silent inflammation very quickly, also causing weight loss, relieving pain and promoting inner and outer youth. The strengthening of the immune system, longer life, a sensation of wellbeing, serenity, improved emotional balance, better quality of sleep, a more youthful body and skin. As time goes by, the control of the mediators, of the inflammation allows the reduction of numerous symptoms of chronic illnesses. Given that silent inflammation depends on the hormonal balance, the other key element of this programme is to help re-establish the balance between pro-inflammatory hormones and anti-inflammatory ones”.


Are you talking about a new aesthetic approach that comes from the inside?

We live in a society in which youth, more than anything else, is considered as the most precious asset. We know that no cosmetic surgery and not even the most effective anti-wrinkle cream can make us feel younger or healthier. The secret to a long, healthy life lies inside our body. I call this new approach of medicine that acts on the origin of ageing “inner cosmetic surgery”.

What can we do to extend life and improve its quality?

imgresThe reduction of chronic inflammation is based on the choice of a new anti-ageing lifestyle which consists in: moderating the consumption of industrial foods; considerably reducing the consumption of “bad” fats; recharging our batteries with protective foods and nutrients; keeping the body health with regular physical exercise that is suitable for the anti-inflammatory solution; respecting the sleep cycle; reducing excitants; reflecting on your family or professional organisation; managing stress by concentrating on breathing and relaxing; keeping your weight under control; reducing exposure to the sum and pollution; prioritising better emotional communication between body, mind and environment. To simplify, if we want to reduce the risks of developing an illness linked with ageing, slowing down the ageing process, we have to learn to dominate inflammation”. 

Can you tell us some of the rules of your method?

There are more than 20 rules. To begin with: most meals have to be made up of brightly coloured foods; do not skip meals. Eat three meals a day at quite precise times; photo10avoid saturation fats; prefer lean meat; increase the consumption of fibre; drink tea, preferably green; drink freshly made fruit juices; drink a litre and a half of water a day, which is about 8 to 10 glasses; avoid refined foods like white flour and sugar; prefer wholemeal bread and avoid bread containing chemical yeast; if you can’t live without sugar, use natural substitutes at all costs; stop smoking; get out of town to breathe some fresh air (woods, the seaside, etc.); avoid the use of products containing phthalates and parabens; replace white rice with brown, basmati or Thai rice, which has a lower glycaemic index; stop eating sweets, industrial snacks and fruit drinks containing sugar; don’t forget to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day; snack happily on raw foods: celery, carrots, apples and pears, etc.”

The discovery of silent inflammation is part of the great scientific findings of recent years in relation to anti-ageing and obesity. Dr Hervé Grosgogeat is one of the first persons to explain the causes and consequences so simply and accessible to everyone in “Ma promesse anti-âge”. Published by Odile Jacob

A bientôt, Catherine

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