If she is not in a hurry, the Parisian tries to start the day with a pleasurable breakfast, prepared to perfection. Starting the day with a balanced breakfast is so fun and, above all, healthy... If you are among those who go to work without having breakfast, perhaps the time has arrived to change such a bad habit and transform your breakfast into another glamorous and healthy moment.


\"240In addition to feeling satisfied by starting the day with a pleasurable moment, the Parisian sees breakfast as an ally to her health and well-being. Those days when she used to bite an apple while running to work are over. The Parisian has finally realized that this act did not appease her hunger (a fruit is indeed rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but it is absolutely not enough for breakfast). By filling up with energy in the morning, the Parisian can be more efficient in managing her superfast day in Paris.

That said, Paris is not France. One out of five French still do not eat breakfast in the morning. Consequence: most work accidents tend to happen around 11 a.m. Skipping this meal may create the conditions for the onset or aggravation of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Nutritional information:

A morning breakfast must cover at least 20% of daily energy needs. It must be sufficiently abundant and balanced, and contain slow-absorption sugars, fibers, and vitamins, not to mention liquids (fresh fruit juices, coffee, tea, and water).

Mistakes to be avoided:\"240

• Abstaining from fats (a fat-free meal can make you feel hungry as early as an hour later). Tricks for supplementing fats: indeed have a yogurt in the morning, but not 0% fat. Opt instead for a \"light to low fat\" yogurt. Add nuts to keep the sense of hunger away. A small amount is enough.

• Not eating enough protein (it is slower to digest than carbohydrates, so if the amount of protein taken is scarce, you will be hungry too soon). Tricks for a protein supplement: add a hard-boiled egg or a wholewheat toast spread with plenty of peanut or almond butter for breakfast.

• Not eating enough fibers (the more sugar in the grains you eat in the morning, the faster the fibers are digested and the hungrier you will be). On the other hand, more fiber will fill you up much longer). Tricks for a fiber supplement: add chia or flax seeds (there should always be at least 5 grams of fiber, and more fiber than sugar).

\"Early-morning\" parfait recipe:

Into a large, stemmed glass, pour alternating layers of the following ingredients: natural yogurt, fruit slices, and passion fruit pulp (and pomegranate), then sprinkle toasted granola or chopped nut kernels all over.

\"240\"Morning\" tricks:

• To keep bread soft and fresh for a long time: wrap it in a dish towel (if it is kept in a plastic bag, the bread will tend to become chewy and tasteless).

• To prevent butter from hardening too much, fill a bowl with water and immerse the stick of butter, wrapped in its original packaging. Put everything in the least cold part of the refrigerator.

• To prevent milk from sticking to  the bottom of the pot: before pouring the milk, rinse the pot with cold water and do not dry it.

• To prevent soft-boiled eggs from breaking when immersed in boiling water: nestle the eggs into the nook of a spoon and pass a little hot water over them several times before laying them gently in the pot.

Remove breakfast stains:\"240

• Jam: after removing the jam, pour sparkling water on the stain and let it work.

• Red fruits: wash the stain with water mixed with a little ammonia.

• Coffee: immediately sprinkle the stain with salt, which will completely absorb the coffee.

• Tea: wash as soon as possible with laundry detergent.

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