How to succeed a romantic diner

How to succeed a romantic diner

A romantic diner is sometimes more complicated than a big party for thirty! Parisians have the well-earned reputation of being masters in the art! Although we can’t promise that you’ll win his heart, several tips will help you create a seductive environment. The question is: how to prepare a meal that doesn’t simply arouse the taste buds? Answer: decor, menu, ambiance, everything is important. 

Advice on how to arouse the senses
• Create a warm touch for your intimate French diner: lapce candles on the table and around the room. 
• Have a small gift ready for your loved one. You don’t have to go bankrupt: a delicate, simple and personalized thought will often have more effect on men.
• Invent a romantic setting, appropriate for the diner. A bouquet of his favorite flowers, a nice word written in the napkin…
• Choose a soft musical setting that moves you both, or “your” song.
• Plan light and invigorating food: seafood, vegetables, cream soups, chocolate… Avoid aggressive ingredients and flavors: strong cheeses, garlic, cabbage…
• Don’t forget to perfume the setting. It should be natural, fresh and light: a bouquet of roses or perfumed tea will give your meal a romantic fragrance.


Advice on how to have a successful evening
• Prepare the meal during the day so that you can fully enjoy his company during diner.
• Choose simple but delicious dishes that you master and flavors you like.
• Cook together and benefit from a lovely moment of togetherness.
• Carefully set the table without being stuffy. The decoration should not be ordinary, be elegant but not flashy.
• The dishes should be nicely and cleanly presented, without overloading the plate (basic rule of elegance in gastronomy).
• Turn of your phone and voice mail, stop the washing machine, turn off the television, radio and anything that can interfere with your intimacy.
• Prefer feminine, chic and seductive clothing to something really trendy, which you’ll save for another occasion. Don’t forget that, most often, men prefer elegance and they don’t notice that you’re wearing the latest slacks!
Good Evening ! Marion and Nicole

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Marion & Nicole - Design
Marion & Nicole - Design
My name is Marion. I fell in love with interior design when I was 18, rummaging through the Flea Market for unusual objects to decorate my apartment. I turned this into my profession, becoming a personal shopper for often foreign, clients looking for the best of what the capital has to offer. As for me, it’s different. I went to a school of design and then opened my own boutique in Paris. A photo-shoot for a decoration magazine led to our intense meeting. Whether the 50’s or Empire, art of the table or floral arts, our tastes and skills are complementary. The result is always incredibly super-Parisian!


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