sophieintroSophie the Parisian is a blog that reflects the lifestyle of a dynamic, working girl from Paris, showing off her free, curious, elegant, and modern personality. The protagonist Sophie is a Parisian from head to toe, her blog is a "French style" encyclopedia: fashion, gastronomy, culture, education, social events, ... It brings a contemporary look at the Parisian life.

Visit Paris in the company of Sophie the Parisian and ten of her avatar friends, who each have their own specialty on the blog: Béatrice (cooking), Brigitte (social circle), Catherine (guide), Cécile (wellness), Chantal (children), Charlotte (fashion), Isabelle (spot light), Marion and Nicole (interior & design) and Maxime (culture).

All these characters came to life under the pen of Nathalie Peigney, the soul of the blog and the creator of the Sophie the Parisian concept. Marketing consultant, journalist, and ex-fashion designer, she is guaranteed editorial quality.


Under the effect of an ecological awareness, Parisian women are turning more and more to eco-responsible fashion: attention to the quality of the fabrics (organic cotton, leather "vegan" ...), their origin and the manufacturing process of the garment.  They are more and more attracted to a timeless, quality and sustainable fashion, in short a fashion that takes care of the planet. Here are our little secrets for you too to participate in this wonderful trend!

For us Parisian women, February and March are two months synonymous with moda, fashion shows and new ideas to stitch on the catwalks! As every year we are waiting for the program not to miss the show of our darlings, for some Dior, for others Jacquemus (I love...), and for many of my girlfriends, Chanel and its theatrical moves. Here is the schedule to prepare you, Paris during fashion weeks is just incredible, at every street corner you meet models, Vip or strangers dressed in incredible ways!

The French in general is a great lover of potatoes, provided that they are of good quality and well prepared. Even a simple recipe: steamed, a knob of butter, coarse salt from Brittany and parsley, requires good products and a knack to be appreciated by a Parisian woman. In the collective imagination, cooking potatoes in water is child's play. In practice, it can be much more difficult than it seems. Here are my cooking tips, mistakes to avoid and a great bistro recipe.

Paris and romance, they go together like champagne and oysters, coffee and croissants, that's why beloved couples make a pilgrimage to the French capital every year on Valentine's Day or go on honey moon in the Ville Lumière. But why is Paris the "city of love" and does it really deserve the title?

La Parisienne likes healthy and natural things a little bit in all areas and this is also true for her hygiene, beauty products or even the care of her teeth. Before moving on to more aggressive treatments to whiten her teeth, which moreover lose their effect after six months and which are expensive and can damage the enamel, she will first use some of her grandmother's good secrets! Here are some of them, as well as a little lesson on teeth...

Focused on the notion of well-being, the sustainable commitment is essentially part of new codes of consumption for the Parisienne. It is not only the threat of disastrous global warming that motivates her, but also the desire to belong to a tribe concerned by the green attitude. As a result, she willingly lends herself to earth friendly initiatives even if it upsets her organization! Starting with her philosophy in terms of consumption...

Are you in the hunt for a chic and effortless Parisian looking? The hairstyle is fundamental and for the last two years the fringe cut have been everywhere. But as always the Parisian woman even with fringe has a style all her own. Let's try to decipher together... First rule: while bangs can be worn on most hairstyles, they don't necessarily fit everyone and can't necessarily correspond to all hair types, so you'll have to be critical in front of the mirror and make a few adjustments to its shape or length for a true Parisian look. If you've always hesitated to adopt it in 2019, this year it's almost unavoidable in Paris provided you choose the right fringe.

Depending on the district, Parisians benefit from a mixture of groundwater and drinkable river water. Whatever its source, the water that comes out of the taps, “l’eau de Paris” is of excellent quality, everywhere in the Ville Lumière. The water distributed is rigorously and permanently monitored, and its traceability is total.

The two french sisters Tatin lived in a small rural town in the Loire Valley of France. The elder sister, Stéphanie was a particularly fine cook, her specialty was an apple tart served perfectly crusty, caramelized and which melted in the mouth. One day during she placed her tart in the oven the wrong way round… The pastry and apples were upside-down but, nevertheless, she served this strange dessert without giving it time to cool. The French call this dessert tarte des demoiselles Tatin…

You, who have always wanted to know we Parisian women live, who are so admired for our attitude and style, take a ticket for “ Oh My God She's Parisian!”. A jubilant show not to be missed in Paris. The only one-woman show in English made by a real Parisian woman about her life in Paris! A hilarious crash course on the "real" Paris.

Twice a year, fashion's elite descend upon Paris for Haute Couture week 2020. The much-anticipated showcase presents the opportunity for couturiers to let their imaginations run free and design without the constraints of ready-to-wear practicalities.

The mystery of stilettos revealed… Scientists have observed that stiletto heels accentuate the movement of a woman’s hips, while shortening their stride...

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