sophieintroSophie the Parisian is a blog that reflects the lifestyle of a dynamic, working girl from Paris, showing off her free, curious, elegant, and modern personality. Culture, fashion, and events, all in a stylish setting! The protagonist Sophie is a Parisian from head to toe, who knows Paris and its way of life like the back if her hand. Her blog is a "French style" encyclopedia: fashion, gastronomy, culture... it brings a contemporary look at broader topics such as education, health, and nutrition through interviews of renowned specialists.

Visit Paris in the company of Sophie the Parisian and ten of her avatar friends, who each have their own specialty on the blog: Béatrice (cooking), Brigitte (social circle), Catherine (guide), Cécile (health & beauty), Chantal (children), Charlotte (fashion), Isabelle (spot light), Marion and Nicole (interior & design), and Maxime (culture). They are all experts in their sector.

These characters came to life under the pen of Nathalie Peigney, the soul of the blog and the creator of the Sophie the Parisian concept. Marketing consultant, journalist, and ex-fashion designer, she is guaranteed editorial quality. ita


Chef sommelier dell’albergo Mandarin Oriental di Parigi, farà di tutto per vincere il concorso del Migliore Sommelier del mondo, di Anversa, in Belgio, nel 2019. Ecco i consigli di uno degli esperti più rinomati in Francia, per trovare un equilibrio fra un vino e un piatto.

Launching new products, arousing interest, showcasing brands... Sylvie Siguret has spent most of her life doing this. Before joining the 3rd French press group Mondadori, this marketing pro worked in high-tech and tourism. It was an opportunity tackle all sides of the trade: campaigns, TV sport, e-mailing, brochures, events... The major French groups like Renault, Pinault or Axa invest in works of art, Sylvie Siguret explains.

Prima regola, non prendere mai alla lettera la frase, detta per buona educazione, dalla padrona di casa «Fate pure come se foste a casa vostra»! È chiaro, non è assolutamente così, non ci troviamo a casa nostra! Le Parigine ci tengono molto alle regole di base del “savoir vivre”, che si trasmettono da secoli di madre in figlia. Allora, se siete invitati a casa di amici in Francia, dovete conoscere alcune regole base della buona educazione, eccole qui:

Karl Lagerfeld is by far the most famous fashion icon in the world.  As a designer, photographer and artist, he is known for his bold designs and constant reinvention.  
At the humble age of 86 Lagerfeld is still running the world of fashion today with his influence in Chanel and Fendi and collaborations with H&M, Chloe and his own brand Karl and Karlito collection by Fendi.

Un vortice ondoso di golosità e vitamine… Proprio come la sua sorella maggiore salata, che diventa vellutata o minestrone a seconda dei gusti, la zuppa dolce può essere declinata all’infinito e presentarsi sotto mille aspetti, servita nella ciotola per cereali o nell’intramontabile verrina, passando per la tazza da tè trasparente. Con un pizzico di astuzia e di fantasia, sorprenderà i vostri ospiti.

Just as we like dressing up to go out and wearing beautiful jewels, so table bon ton must reflect our elegance and “savoir vivre”. This French “savoir vivre” should never sacrifice simplicity and naturalness for the sake of being elegant. In Paris, the art of setting the table is a very rigorous art, especially when it comes to silverware.

If she is not in a hurry, the Parisian tries to start the day with a pleasurable breakfast, prepared to perfection. Starting the day with a balanced breakfast is so fun and, above all, healthy... If you are among those who go to work without having breakfast, perhaps the time has arrived to change such a bad habit and transform your breakfast into another glamorous and healthy moment.

È la perla nascosta di un gruppo molto particolare. Creato nel 1975 da Marie-France e Bernard Cohen, Bonpoint è entrato quasi trent’anni dopo nel giro dell’holding di famiglia EPI.

Good jeans deserve, and above all require, special care and maintenance. Here are tips from Monsieur, the longest-running men's magazine in the world (launched in France in 1920 by Jacques Hébertot and Paul Poiret, it reflects an "Art de Vivre in the name of Elegance" that always remains faithful to the times).

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