sophieintroSophie the Parisian is a blog that reflects the lifestyle of a dynamic, working girl from Paris, showing off her free, curious, elegant, and modern personality. The protagonist Sophie is a Parisian from head to toe, her blog is a "French style" encyclopedia: fashion, gastronomy, culture, education, social events, ... It brings a contemporary look at the Parisian life.

Visit Paris in the company of Sophie the Parisian and ten of her avatar friends, who each have their own specialty on the blog: Béatrice (cooking), Brigitte (social circle), Catherine (guide), Cécile (wellness), Chantal (children), Charlotte (fashion), Isabelle (spot light), Marion and Nicole (interior & design) and Maxime (culture).

All these characters came to life under the pen of Nathalie Peigney, the soul of the blog and the creator of the Sophie the Parisian concept. Marketing consultant, journalist, and ex-fashion designer, she is guaranteed editorial quality.


A Parisian, or Parisienne in French, is a charming woman, often chic but complex and paradoxical. Let’s be clear: you can be charming without an ultra-bright smile and chic in blue jeans. The Parisian has an elusive personality that’s hard to pin down. At first, she comes off as distant and a little cold. But fairly quickly you realize she’s refined but nice. She’s saucy, with a stinging sense of humor. She likes to surprise you. She’ll open up when you least expect it, then suddenly pull back into her shell, and finally go back to being her charming self again.

The aroma of a croissant fresh from the oven is a characteristic scent of Paris. Especially in the morning, even though it is increasingly eaten at any time of day, the croissant is the basic Parisian breakfast par excellence, eaten in a hurry while drinking coffee (at the counter), on the street at the entrance of a bakery, or at the office while your computer is booting up. It’s a good way to start the day.

The bridges in Paris are much more than just a way of getting from one bank of the Seine to the other; they’re a distinct part of Parisian life. Each one has its own story, atmosphere, and life . . . like all Parisian women. I love and adore them. Here’s a little song I’ve written for you.

"Black is always trendy" is what people often say to each other when they don't know what to wear. In any case.... Black is the Parisian woman’s color. Beyond the boulevard périphérique—the wall that “protects” the capital—women wear beige, blue, and pastel tones, but in the Ville Lumière, black persists and always wins. Although the runways and fashion magazines offer the new colors of the season, when buying, reason beats emotion and the Parisienne chooses black because it is the “master key” that goes with everything and suits all situations. 

While in other cultures “over accessorizing” is seen simply as a demonstration of femininity, in Paris it’s considered good form not to overdo it for fear of looking tasteless. That might seem a paradoxical attitude, but it’s based on the Parisian woman’s mentality of “less is more.” Basically, you can spoil a look by trying to overdo it, and that applies to jewelry, makeup, accessories, and plastic surgery. So…

"Age is only a number! ", that's what magazines, blogs, coaches tell you... But how do you do it when you feel the first signs of aging, the body getting tired, the first wrinkles settling in......?  In the imagination of most Parisian women, aging well is a difficult challenge to meet. Physical state is more important than mental or moral state when they think about ageing.

“Conscious eating can make us aware of our own actions, thoughts, feelings and motivations”…  Thierry Hergueta is sociologist and one of the great French specialists in mindfulness.. He explains to us the method to eat in full consciousness and how to take the time to observe and enjoy the meal, while slowing down the pace. Mindfulness is really interesting for pleasure as well as for health. So, Parisian! 

The Parisian stands straight and walks with her head high. Haughty, superb, proud and snobbish? Not more than anyone else. Perhaps it’s just natural, genetic and involuntary? Certainly, the Parisian is aware that she belongs to an elite lucky enough to live in the city of light, the capital of style and romance. Does the way she carries herself have anything to do with this? Or is it a question of upbringing that engenders such haughty behavior? So, improve your posture and borrow an “unwittingly” superb attitude and perhaps obtain this, so Parisian, slightly snobbish charm.

Per affrontare al meglio il ritorno dalle vacanze, cinque consigli di professionisti da seguire alla lettera…

Ah, le “quenelles”, la adoriamo a Parigi! Tipiche della cucita tradizionale lionese, hanno a poco a poco invaso il menu delle brasseries (birrerie) parigine. Come capita a molte parigine, una parte della mia famiglia non è da Parigi. Con una nonna di Lione, le “quenelles” appartenevano al patrimonio gastronomico di famiglia. E, visto che era il mio piatto francese preferito, mia madre le preparava regolarmente in occasione del mio compleanno. Ecco la mia ricetta che, devo dire, piace molto ai miei amici americani e italiani.

The story of the well-known brand Repetto is an amazing tale…. But first and foremost, it’s the story of a free and modern woman Rose Repetto, an entrepreneur before her time. A woman of passion who believed in her lucky star. Flashback to a French success story!

Every year, numerous exhibitions, sometimes of international origin, are hosted in the main museums of the capital: below is a selection of the unmissable events of the 2019 season and an overview of the 2020 season. The success of the cultural offer in Paris is now a matter of fact...

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