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The kitchen is a fascinating place for young children. Even older they might be intrigued by how baked goods and meals come together. French moms appreciate cooking with the kids when possible, during holidays or Wednesday afternoon. Preparing a traditional quiche Lorraine with your children, will seem like fun to them…

Gribiche sauce is a great classic of French sauces. A sauce with a strong character! It is made with hard-boiled eggs, mustard, oil and gherkins. Some people add capers or tarragon, which is not my case. The appellation gribiche appeared in the 1900s. It is a whimsical creation of the culinary language, perhaps coming from the Norman word gribiche, a feminine noun: "wicked woman who frightens children"... It is hard to see the semantic path from the shrew to the sauce. A story of character perhaps...

French is strange, you may be able to read it well but when you get to France you can't watch french tv or have a conversation with a neighbour! So, listening to French language songs can be very helpful with learning the French language. What the song says is more important than what the song sounds like. So French song is an excellent pedagogique way to learn, try hear with Yves Montand song, A Paris…

When it's lockdown time, no more excuses for not taking time to cook. Alone or with your family, all to the stove! Besides, eating well is the best remedy against gloom! With moderation... I found a fantastic fFench book to cook during this period:  "Recipes of Great Chefs for Simmering in Confinement". Simple or starred recipes, based on basic necessities to make small homemade dishes. I thought it might be hard to get the book where you are, so here is a recipe that I have tried and enjoyed once a week. Today, I offer you the recipe of the "marbled" cake from Chef Patisiser Jeremy Del Val for Maison Dalloyau.

sophieintroSophie the Parisian is a "French style" magazine that brings a contemporary look at Parisian life : culture, social events, fashion, gastronomy, education… Visit Paris in the company of Sophie and ten of her friends, who each have their own specialty on the blog. Nathalie Peigney is the creator of the Sophie the Parisian concept: the blog, books, podcasts and soon a fashion service. Marketing consultant, journalist, and ex-fashion designer, she is guaranteed editorial quality.




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Edizione Italiana

Edita da RIZZOLI, Sophie la Parigina è una guida di stile moderna su PARIGI. Illustrata dai disegni di Alessandra Ceriani, completata da un elenco degli indirizzi preferiti dalla parigina e arricchita di ricette gastronomiche.


English Edition

Published by RIZZOLI New York, Sophie the Parisian'sis a modern life style guide about PARIS. Illustrated with color drawings, complemented by a list of Parisians' favorite locations and enriched with gastronomic recipes.

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